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Дети Второй Мировой , 21 фото

Оригинал взят у sass_hummel в Дети Второй Мировой , 21 фото

Голландия , февраль 1945 (American soldiers escort a group of Dutch children dressed up in traditional costume for a concert after the liberation in February, 1945)

Лондон , 8-е октября 1940 года.( A boy sits reading in a bombed bookstore. London, October 8, 1940.)

Амстердам , 1940-1944 , год точно не узнал , фотограф Kryn Taconis. ( The face of Hunger. A Dutch boy, outside a black market restaurant, looks for a food handout. He's tucked a spoon into his belt in the event. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dutch photographer Kryn Taconis would have to record his photos secretly. (Photographer: Kryn Taconis; Library and Archives Canada a169941)

США , 1944

Кассель , Германия , 1945 ( A girl asks where her mother is after an air raid. Kassel, Germany, 1945.)

Британия , 1943. Военный - американец.

Болгария , 1941

СССР , 1941.

Лондон , 1940-й

1956 год , Германия , возвращение из плена. (Helmuth Pirath,  1956 captured the most touching moment when a German WWII prisoner, released by the Soviet Union, reunited with his daughter)

Норвегия , 1940  ('Klein Alvin' - Storen 1940)

Франция , 1944 (Lance-Corporal W.J. Curtis of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (R.C.A.M.C.) bandages the burnt leg of a French boy whose brother looks on, Boissons, France, 19 June 1944.)

Оккупированная Польша  (Minors take up the job of being bike dispatchers. Lentschutz, Occupied Poland, WWII.)  ( хотелось бы узнать побольше об этом фото , вдруг кто в курсе , что за дети )

Фрайбург , Германия , 1945. ( Playing Ring Around the Rosie in the remnants of Freiburg im Breisgau. Germany, 1945.)

СССР , 1942 , сироты. (Three Russian war orphans stand amid the remains of what was once their home, in late 1942. After German forces destroyed the family’s house, they took the parents as prisoners, leaving the children abandoned.)

Польша. 1941 год, место не установил.

Кутно , Польша , 1939 ( Unidentified girl, Kutno, Nazi-occupied Poland, 1939.)

СССР , 1941-1942 годы

Франция , июль 1944 (US Army medic gives candy to an injured child. France, July 1944.)

Вена , 1945 год.

Австрия , 1946 год. Мальчик получил ботинки от Красного Креста (Werfel, a 6 year old orphan from Austria has just been given his first pair of new shoes by the American Red Cross. 1946.)

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